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The Lowest Price in the market Only 14.99$ a month for US Physical Address , choose 6 months and get 1 month of them for Free, choose 1 Year and get 2 months of them for Free

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Additional fees for the address location

The address for Business Bank Accounts, will be build annually with 2 Months of them for free for the first year so only 149.9$.

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The benefits of having a US Physical Address as well as a registered agent is that instead of only being able to receive letters, packages and other mailings in your company’s name.

The US Physical Address also allows to receive them in your own personal name if you buy the service for personal use, which could prove handy when wishing to receive a package unrelated to your business and for other matters.

Why do I need a US Physical Address?

Our clients come to us for US Physical Addresses for many reasons:

  • In the majority of States in US renewing your driver’s license requires that you’d have a Personal Physical Address.
  • Unlike what some people presume, having a business address isn’t enough for you to start your Business Bank Account or get a credit card. Having a Personal Physical Address is simply a necessity if you ever wish to open a US Business Bank Account.
  • Having a US Physical Address also allows you to open a business account with Paypal and make sales via eBay Clickbank, Etsy, eBid, etc. in the US.
  • As well as many other reasons such as their privacy, sensitivity of documents and piece of mind

Can I use Family and friends addresses as my Physical Address?

While using your family and friends’ addresses is a viable option, most people prefer to get a Personal Physical Address, and the reason for that is because you will be receiving all sorts of sensitive documents and files, like bank statements , IRS notices, lawsuits (hopefully not) …etc. All personal documents that are best delivered straight to your personal Physical Address for both your piece of mind as well as that of your close ones.

What is the difference between mailing address (PO Boxes) and physical address?

The Post Office names for cities are the name of the city or local name for the unincorporated area of the county in which the post offices that deliver the mail are located; not the name of the jurisdiction in which the physical address sits. But the Jurisdiction of where the address sits (also known as municipality) is the real address for all government purposes, especially advocating for your cause, all tax purposes, all land development purposes, building purposes, and all home and commercial mortgage regulation and programs.

What are the risks of

fake and PO Box address?

  • Opening a Business Account with US Banks, PayPal, or other similar companies using a P.O Address would mean that your application is almost certain to be denied.
  • Faking your address is a very dangerous thing to do, because it is a direct violation of the “CAN-SPAM Act”, according to it, each separate mail that’s sent to a fake address will result in a penalty of 40,654$, so planning on faking an address instead of getting legitimate Physical Address is just not worth it.

Since governmental agencies and institutions don’t send mail to P.O boxes, listing your P.O Address could result in loss of very sensitive and important documents which could put your whole business in peril.

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